Construction / Remodel Hours! Or what the hell is going on down there?

Construction / Remodel Hours! Or what the hell is going on down there?

Sep 30th 2020

Hey the COVID this has been a pain in the butt. Right? 

I will keep this short. HA!

Our store in Seattle, The Guitar Store was flooded by a backed up city sewer line in early March. The State of Washington shut us all down the next week. I could not get anyone to help fix the issue. By mid April I realized that there was no way we could use that building again so I packed up all the stuff (400+ guitars, amps and over 4000 effects pedals) and moved it all over here to this side of the water. It has been a mess. I am done with it being a mess. So I am remodeling Quimper Sound to be able to deal with the inventory better.

In the guitar world we are mostly a shipping company. We deal with many pedal builders large and small. We ship some of the most unique effect worldwide. As far as guitars go since I do not plan on having the store set up to be a come in and jam retail shop I am focusing on pairing down the inventory to just USA made electric instruments. We are a Fender Custom Shop, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith and Heritage dealer. I will be filling out with a representation from smattering of boutique builders. Guitars will be available to demo by appointment and custom orders are encouraged. We are down to about 200 of those 400 that got brought out here. Lots of deals to be had on acoustics.

All this honing in of that side of the business which has subsidized Quimper Sound since I purchased it from Mark two years ago will allow me to start 2021 in a better spot to keep the record store open, stocked with unique wax and a treasure hunters paradise. I do not expect the short days of the next 6-9 months to be very retail friendly anyhow so I am taking a gamble that by summer of 21 we will be in a better position to be a place people get to hang out in again.

Frankly doing retail in a music store with a mask on is a bummer. I have learned that I am hearing impaired and I rely on reading lips a lot more than I knew. There are a large amount of regulars who must not feel safe coming out still as I have just not seen you here. So I am just going to open Three days a week and focus on making a living the other days. This schedule will also give me a day off in Sundays. A real day off. I have not had one of those in a long while. There has to be some reward in life. 

So I wish you all the best. I will see you soon.