Help keep Quimper Sound Records open by shopping with us!

Help keep Quimper Sound Records open by shopping with us!

Posted by James on Apr 18th 2020

We are currently closed to retail due to the Stay Home/ Stay Safe regulations Washington State has put in place due to the COVID-19 virus. What this means totally for the future none of us know. What we do know is that we have a store full of records, shirts, taffy and other toys. We have a giant warehouse full of guitar stuff too. We have a landlord in Beverly at the Kuhn Building who is very interested in keeping her building and is willing to work toward a future with us. We will open again and we will adapt to whatever the new protocols are.

In the meantime we are offering a few things. First and the best deal is the offer to buy a Quimper Sound Gift Certificate. We are selling COVID-19 Gift Certificates that will be useable in the store after we reopen to retail with an extra 20 percent of value at the time of redemption. You can buy those here on the website.

Buy as many as you wish!

Currently we are offering an in town salt water taffy delivery service. Buy 2# of taffy for the low price of $12 and James will deliver anywhere in Port Townsend. We can also ship for a small fee.

And lastly we have pulled the inventory our store in Seattle, The Guitar Store and are shipping from this side of the water. It is a huge inventory and I am making deals. Be sure to ask if you see anything you are interested in. "James15" is a coupon code you can use for in stock items at checkout. Take a look at

Note that were in the process of moving the shipping part of that business into town anyhow as we got out of regular retail of instruments. This shutdown was just a bit early and there is a lot more in stock than we wanted while transitioning. 

Anyhow as the custodian of Quimper Sound Records a Port Townsend staple for the last 46 years I am going to give it my all to keep this rolling. Our Town will come back from this. We will adapt. We will live to be unique and just a little weird another day. I love you all and want you healthy.

Thank You,

James, Heidi and Andrew.