COVID19 Gift Card $500.00 with an extra $100

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Extended by popular demand!

Redeem in store only! I have no idea how long this offer will last so act now!


We are selling in store Gift Cards that have an extra 20ptc value when used in store as a way to raise funding during the Washington State COVID19 retail shutdown. By purchasing this gift card you will help us stay in business. 

It has not been an easy time for anyone and we are not asking this as a donation we are looking to keep paying our bills to our local economy. Rent, utilities and other base operating costs. When we reopen you will be able to use the card in store with an extra 20 percent value added on.

Feel free to use it for any regularly priced item in the store.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate the support we have seen from the music loving community and it means so much. 



We will send you an email copy at check out. No limit no expiration date! Since there is a 20ptc bonus here it may not be combined with other offers.