You may notice we do not sell records online. We just don't. It may be funny seeing that our musical instrument store is one of the largest online sellers in North America. See the thing is if we went to an online records sales model we would just close the storefront and that ain't the plan. Quimper Sound Records has been in Port Townsend since 1974. It is old school. You gotta come in and see stuff. We do not keep inventory. We do not special order. We never know what we are going to get next as far as used stuff goes. For new records it is a strange business and we look to find some interesting stuff for you. Anyhow we have survived for a long time. We beat Disco, CD's, Downloads, Pandemics and we are still here. There is something to is something to it. Either you get it or you don't. It is like a record show everyday. Come in listen to our selection of play and go crate digging. Welcome to our world.

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